Janko Lam

Janko Lam graduated from Caritas Bianchi College of Careers. She worked as a costume designer for stage and drama productions at TVB. In 2011, Lam won the championship of the EcoChic Design Award from a fashion design competition for Asia’s emerging design talents organised by Redress. In 2013, Lam was granted the ‘40 Under 40 Award’ by Perspective Magazine.

With her love and passion for Chinese costumes, she launched the brand Classics Anew in 2014. Classics Anew Academy has been established since 2015 to nurture Chinese clothing lovers’ understanding and appreciation of the exquisite of traditional craftsmanship. In 2016, her first book Out of the Ordinary: The Story of the Chinese Costume Making in Hong Kong was published.

Lam has been actively engaged in sustainable fashion-related event and exhibitions. Her works has been exhibited across the world, including Paris Louvre, Germany, Japan, Vietnam, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Macau.

For a long time, the traditional Chinese clothing designed for women is dominated by the cheongsam. With this in mind, I wanted to break through the tradition and design a piece of dress that could bring out the elegance of luxury, but also present a unique feminine quality.

The design uses denim, jumpsuit style, Chinese collar and unique cheongsam lapel. Chinese elements are used in the details to highlight the gentleness of the dress, but the jumpsuit also shows the independent style of women of today. The design is also expected to be easy to match and lightweight. The cheongsam also shines gorgeously on ladies who enjoy gender-neutral styles, bringing out the elegance and uniqueness of the wearer.